Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl


$ 150 (159 ft - 4.3 ft)

(1 ft - 159 ft)
(1 ft - 4.3 ft)

Total Price : $0

Print premium Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl online today.

Our adhesive Vinyl uses a 4 mil white PVC film with a clear permanent adhesive backing. It is ideal for indoor or outside use and perfect for flat surface applications.

TURN ANY SURFACE INTO A WHITEBOARD: Explore your artsy side. Write thoughts, leave messages and create art no matter where you are in the building. This dry erase adhesive vinyl quickly applies to any clean, flat surface. It is self adhesive and erasable just like a real whiteboard! 

CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR DESIRED SIZE: Easily customize your Dry Erase Sticker Vinyl up to 159 ft wide! You can cut them to your desired size which can be used separately or combined for a large whiteboard writing surface

EASY ON AND EASY OFF: Application is easy, and removal is fast, easy and residue-free. Just peel it off the surface when you're finished.

INSTRUCTIONAL TIP: Do not use sheets on freshly-painted walls, use a towel to wipe and squeeze away bubbles underneath the sticker vinyl while applying.


  • Maximum size: 52"High x 159ft Wide
  • Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; waterproof and U safe that will last for years


  • 4 mil PVC film + Dry erase lamination

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